What Are Apres Nails?

Apres Nails Explained 

Apres nails are a new nail technology. If you don't like long acrylic nails have a think about getting some Apres nails done.

Apres Gel-X nails are like the lovechild of a gel manicure, acrylic extensions and press-on nails. They’re applied over your entire nail bed (not just the tips, like acrylics or hard gel extensions). The extensions are clear – which means they can be used to create any style of nail.

apres nails

What are Apres Nails Made From?

 Apres Gel-X nail extensions are made from the same gel that’s in polish. This means they’re a lot thinner, more malleable and – best of all – more natural-looking than traditional extensions.


How Are Apres Nails Applied?

First, your nail is prepped with a primer. The extension is then applied with a layer of clear gel polish, which is cured under an LED lamp to bond it to the natural nail. Once applied, they can be painted just like a normal manicure. The whole process takes around an hour and a half. Book Now

Apres Nails


How Long Do Apres Nails Last?

Apres Gel-X extensions “grow out” over the course of about 3-4 weeks. While acrylic extensions have a similar lifespan, the regrowth is much less noticeable with Apres Gel because they’re thinner and don’t lift at the edges.


How Are Apres Nails Removed? 

Proper removal is important to make sure your natural nail doesn’t get damaged. Apres Gel-X nails are made from gel, so are removed just like a gel manicure – the top layer is broken with an electric file before being soaked off with acetone. 


apres nails

Are Apres Nails Safe?


While all nail enhancements have a risk of damaging the natural nail – especially if they’re not properly removed – Apres Gel-X nails don’t involve the harsh chemicals that acrylics do and are healthier for your nails. Book Now


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