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Kitten Claws - Everything you need to know about Press on Nails


Do you need nails fast and don't have time to get to a nail salon?  Do you need wedding nails? or only need them for and event or the weekend? 

Perhaps, you are looking to give your hand a homemade manicure.

The best Australian press on nails are here to give your hands the ultimate treat they deserve. They might seem like a thing of the past but guess what? You won't need to fuss with nail polish again.

Press on nails are artificial nails that are made of acrylic resin and come in a kit of various colors and custom artwork for you to choose from.


 Easy Application

The best thing about fake nails is that they're super easy to apply and remove without causing any damage to your nails.

These make them ideal for last-minute preparations for the party and get a custom, polished manicure look. To facilitate easy removal, soak your nails in warm water for ten minutes until the nails lift off easily.


 Quality Of The Press On Nails

You might be questioning the quality of the artificial nails but one thing is assured that they don't chip or lose their shine, design, color, or shape.

Normally, they last for a week if you are using our Salon Quality Glue to stick them and about two to three days when using adhesive tabs to stick them on.


Keep Your Nails Healthy

The stick-on nails not only look stylish from the outside. They also keep your nails healthy and dirt-free. If you accidentally pluck out your press ons, you won't damage your nail underneath or make it bleed.

"The biggest benefit of a press-on is that you are in charge of your nail health," Gina Edwards


Affordability Of salon-style nails

These nails are a cost-effective alternative to having a manicure at the parlour. They are an economical way to appear glamorous. You can save a lot of money which you couldn't if you were going to the parlours. It takes less than 10 minutes to have salon-style nails at home.



Get a perfect Instagram-worthy picture by showing off your high style nails that come in a variety of colors, patterns, crystals, and designs. You can match them with your different dresses.

With the handmade luxury stick on nails, you can set the bar high and make your homemade manicure a hassle-free experience. Wear them, own them and show off your stylish nails and become a true fashionista.

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