How Did I Become A Nail Artist? 

I always wanted to be a nail technician all my life and eventually enrolled in a TAFE Nail technician course. I really struggled with the teaching techniques and graduated still feeling not confident in my work. I started to doubt if a career in nails is really for me..and I have to admit so did my friends and family as my nails were terrible!

I had so many nail techncians who i looked up to worldwide and in the USA. I wanted to do nails like I stayed up each night until 3am researching techniques, skills and and advice . I started to fly around Australia for specialised work shops with renowned nail technicians and celeb techs who came to Australia. I also travelled overseas to train with celebrity nail technicians with clients such as Beyonce, Rhianna,Kardahsians and more. This was the moment my nail career flourished.

I basically had to unlearn everything i initially had learned at TAFE as I found that it was not current, time efficient not the cutting edge look that I aspired to do. I encourage any new nail technicians to go with a training institute you look up to in regards to their nail style and work. If you have had training initially and feel deflated...dont give up! We pften get many students who have had training elsewhere but want to come to Kittens Institute to gain more experience. 

Renee Marsterson

Director Kitten Institute.

Benefits Of In Salon Training 

  • You will see how a fast passed salon runs first hand 

  • Learn timings and customer service 

  • Learn business skills and how to manage staff. 

  • Learn the hottest trends from the best artists in the country. 

30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed

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