French Nail Tips

French Nails Ideas - Top 32 French Nail Designs

French Nails Ideas - Top 32 Trending French Nail Designs

French tip nails are classic designs that have stood the test of time. The core idea of the French manicure is painting the tip of the nail in a colour that either complements or contrasts with the base colour. At Kitten Claws Parlour we like to add a little to the French tip manicure. Combining different manicure types makes nails stand out, as does a variety of nail art techniques.
Trendy polishes like gels and chrome nails are included here, along with fresh takes on the French manicure like glitter and embellishments and even neon colours. True nail addicts will find many pretty and fun ideas that will make their manicures stand out in a crowd.

All These Nails were created by the amazing nail technicians at Kitten Claws Parlour over the past year.

1. Multi Coloured French Tips, With Nail Art. 

Multi Colour French Nail Tips

2. Tie-die Almond French Nails

Multi colour French Nails

3. Blue French Tips, With Blue Swirl Nail Art.

Blue French Nails

4. Multi Colour French Tips, With Abstract Nail Art.

Multi Colour French Nails

5. French Tips With Blue Flames. 

Blue French Nails

6. Soft Pink French Tips 

modern French Nails

7. Neon Orange French Nails 

orange French Nails

8. XXXL Long French Nails With Multi Coloured Tips.

Long Neon French Nails

9. French Nails With Abstract Nail Art. 

pink French Nails

10. Black French Tips, With Leopard Print 

leopard Print French Nails

11. Classic Black Tip French Nails.

Black French Tip Nails

12. Black Tip French Nails 

black tip French Nails

13. White Tip French Nails With Love Heart Nail Art. 

love heart French Nails

14. Leopard Print French Nails 

leopard Print French Nails


15. Sharpe Black French Nails 

Black French nail tips


16. Kitten Claws Special 😘

French Nails


18. Multi-coloured Nail Art French Tip Nails. 


19. White Arrow Head French Nails, With Crystal Nail Art.

French Nail Art


20. Long Classic French Nails 

Long French Nails


21. Designer French Nails 

Designer French Nails

22. Pink French Nail Tips 

pink French nails


23. XXL White French Nails 


Long French nails

24. Neon Orange Crocodile Skin French Nails 


Neon French Nails

25. French Nails With Crystal Nail Art. 

French Nail ideas


26. Crystal French Nail Tips 

Crystal French Nails


27. Rounded Nails With Red French Tips 

Red French Nails


28. A Mix Of Classic French Nails With Some Crystal Nail Art 

French Nail Tips

29. Stiletto French Nails With Crystal Nail Art.

Crystal French Nails


30. Neon French Nails 

Neon French Nails

31. Multi Coloured Neon French Nail Tips 

Neon French Tip Nails


32. Pink Leopard Print French Nails 

Leopard French nails

French Nails Brisbane 

These French tip manicure ideas range from the traditional to the new. Some of the best ideas take the classic pink and white manicure and shake it up with colours and textures of polish. French tip manicures look great on everyone. There are ideas to blend subtly into an outfit as well as those that are meant to draw a lot of attention. Most of these manicure ideas wouldn’t be too difficult to try at home, but you could bring these photos to your favorite nail artist and recreate any of these looks. Book your French nails with kittens by clicking here.. 



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